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The sport of Figure Skating is very demanding all-around – from the sport’s culture which requires early specialization to the significant strength and flexibility demands on the skater’s body. Plus, with skates that aren’t designed to absorb the force generated at takeoff or landing, the impacts created by jumping and landing on the ice surface affect the
I am a big fan of the saying, “less is more.” Sometimes, the problem with most people is they spend too much time on their warm-up. Sure, there are times where we need to take a little longer because we aren’t feeling 100%. However, putting too much emphasis on your warm-up can take away from
  Seeing videos of people do advance plyometric movements and then implementing it into your training regimen right away without any thought can be counter-productive. Before trying out really advance plyometric exercises, you must understand the basic concept of true plyometrics.

Art of Coaching Weekly #2

  If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a coach, it’s that one of the powerful ways to apply the knowledge you’ve learned is to teach it to others. What it does is, it forces you to clarify your ideas, confront inconsistencies in your thoughts, and walk your talk. Most important, to teach the information

3 Methods to Enhance Agility

We’ve all seen Youtube videos where athletes showcase how fast they can do a ROUTINE cone drill, or how quickly they can shuffle their feet during a ladder drill (more on this in another blog post). Not to bash those drills because they can be great at improving change of direction speed, footwork, coordination, etc. but
  In the beginning, some female athletes/clients (especially if they have little experience with training) I worked with get a little bit hesitant when we walk over to the squat rack. The first question that comes to their mind is “Would I get really big and muscular if I lift weights?” My response sometimes (depending

Go The EXTRA Mile

  “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.” – Wayne Dyer

Art of Coaching Weekly #1

It is NOT coaching when you say or yell out general phrases like “faster” or “quicker.” Take the time and put in the effort to actually instruct an individual. It’s definitely worth the investment to develop a ton of positive and effective coaching cues. Reinforce what the individual did well and be specific on what