In the beginning, some female athletes/clients (especially if they have little experience with training) I worked with get a little bit hesitant when we walk over to the squat rack. The first question that comes to their mind is “Would I get really big and muscular if I lift weights?” My response sometimes (depending

Go The EXTRA Mile

  “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.” – Wayne Dyer

Art of Coaching Weekly #1

It is NOT coaching when you say or yell out general phrases like “faster” or “quicker.” Take the time and put in the effort to actually instruct an individual. It’s definitely worth the investment to develop a ton of positive and effective coaching cues. Reinforce what the individual did well and be specific on what
  A major problem that I encounter as a coach is parents specializing their kids too early in one sport. Dealing with young hockey athletes, sometimes I see parents put their kids in hockey organizations that focus on having young athletes play hockey several times a week year-round while putting them through EXTRA on and

Ask, Listen, & Emphatize

There are more to coaching than prescribing movements and being technical. It’s also about building relationships with your athletes, inspiring them to do their best, and allowing them to grow. You also have to challenge them to solve problems on their own. Here are three important points remember:
  Most of the time, the success of your training/practice sessions depends on how well you do your warm-ups. I often see athletes rush through the warm-up or just “go through the motion” without awareness. There are days where the athlete’s going to feel tired and unmotivated to train, which is why a successful warm-up
The key to a good lift in both the snatch and clean & jerk is establishing a consistent start position. Whether that may be a dynamic start or a static start, having a consistent start position will generate an optimal second and third pull of the barbell. It is a very simple concept, a bad

Master The Pull-up

Many people stay away from the pull-up simply because they’re hard. However, the key is to start with progressions that gradually strengthens the muscles activating during the movement. The pull-up is one of the best exercise to develop upper body strength. Having a strong pulling strength is can be crucial for improving performance. It can
What is a weightlifting complex? It is when a series of weightlifting movements are done one after the other without rest for an “x” amount of repetitions. For example, a snatch complex may include a snatch deadlift, followed by a snatch pull, followed by a hang snatch, and an overhead squat. There are many variations