5 Explosive Movement to Build Power (Without Olympic Lifts)

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The physical quality of explosiveness can be effectively trained – it may involve a power clean, jerk, and snatch. However, there are various methods aside from Olympic weightlifting variations and I’m here to help you expand your training toolbox.
As a strength coach, you want to accommodate for the athletes that may have limitations or simply just want to switch up their routine aside from the usual power cleans.
The goal is to recruit a maximum number of motor units before you fatigue. It is better to do your power movements when you are fresh. So when adding this to your program, it should be done in the beginning of your training session to get the most benefits. Here are my 5 explosive movement to build power:

1. Drop Depth Box Jumps

This plyometric is great for improving the stretch-shortening cycle to produce more power. It also mimics sport-specific movements and muscle action. Like any box jumps make sure you pick a height that you can land with both feet on the box. Sometimes a higher box can mean you just have good hip mobility, and it can scrape off your flesh if you miss.


2. Kettlebell Swings with Bands


A regular kettlebell swing is great for teaching the individual how to properly execute the hip-hinge movement, but I’m assuming you people are all beast and can already do this with great form and technique. The resistance band paired with the kettlebell can add an extra 20-60 pounds of resistance at the concentric (top) portion of the lift providing more benefits.


3. Jump Squat
The jump squat provides many variations. You can start by doing body-weight jump squats, and progress to holding dumbbells or adding a barbell on your back. When using weight, the key is not about going as heavy as you can but focusing on the quality of the execution with proper loads.


4. Broad Jump 


The broad jump is great for building horizontal power. It develops power through the posterior chain, and adds a little bit of athleticism due to the deceleration when landing after a jump.


5. Supine Medicine Ball Chest Pass


I know that most of the explosive movements are mostly lower body dominant. However, to fully unlock beastmode in the weight room, it is essential to train upper-body power. Lying down on your back and having a partner drop a medicine ball for you to catch and pass it back is a great way to train upper-body power. It involves a fast eccentric load, and an even faster concentric phase to finish strong. You can even superset this movement with another pressing movement to get more benefit.

There are many ways to train explosive power; it’s best to have an open-minded approach to training. There are situations where an individual can benefit from explosive training without the use of Olympic weightlifting movements or vice-versa. As a coach, it benefits me to know other methods instead of wasting time teaching someone a complex movement that he or she does not want or need to learn.