My Top 3 Warm-up Movements (#1 is my FAVORITE)

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I am a big fan of the saying, “less is more.” Sometimes, the problem with most people is they spend too much time on their warm-up. Sure, there are times where we need to take a little longer because we aren’t feeling 100%. However, putting too much emphasis on your warm-up can take away from your training performance.  Most of the time, all you need is a few exercises that would give you the “best bang for your buck.” These movements should target the entire body and increase core temperature; to improve performance and decrease injuries.

Here are my top 3 warm-up movements:


Coaching Cue:

  • In the single leg RDL position, keep back straight
  • When pulling knees to chest, don’t hyperextend lower back
  • During the forward lunge, make sure that front heel doesn’t come up off the floor
  •  Drop same elbow to same ankle, and use the other arm as a guide for balance
  • When rotating your upper-back, make sure its controlled and that you are looking at your hands the whole time



Coaching Cue:

  • When raising arms overhead, make sure that your ribcage doesn’t flare up. Keep your anterior core tight
  • During the side lunge, keep posture straight, toes forward, and make sure chest stays up
  • In the transverse lunge, keep back foot perpendicular to the front foot, and keep a neutral spine



Coaching Cue:

  • Stay in a solid athletic stance with neutral spine
  • The movements should be slow and controlled to “feel” the glutes activating

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