Landmine Exercises to Develop Strength and Power

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The landmine is a great alternative to developing strength and power. If you don’t have a landmine slot to slip the barbell through then all you need is to find a corner of a wall, bench, or equipment. The benefits of using a landmine is that you can easily load weights, the thick grip makes it challenging, and you can target certain angles from many positions.

Here are some landmine exercises that you can do:

1.  Landmine Squat, RDL, and Jump

Here’s an awesome alternative to developing lower body strength and power.

The Landmine squat and RDL provides a short learning curve and it’s a great way to teach proper technique. Once you mastered the Landmine squat and RDL, you can now progress to the Landmine squat jump. What’s great about the Landmine is that it helps keep good rhythm due to the bar being fixed during the squat jump. Also, it’s easier on the lower back when comparing to a loaded barbell squat jump. Make sure you start at a lighter load, and that you’re being explosive with your jumps.

2. Landmine Rotation 

These movements performed well will enhance the ability of torso to resist and control rotation and lateral force, which is crucial for sport performance.

3. Landmine Press Progression

The Landmine press progressions are great for developing upward scapular rotation, core stability, upper body strength, and more. It’s similar to an incline press because of the angle of the bar when pressing. But, the Landmine provides more benefits because it allows for scapular upward rotation. As opposed to the incline press, where the scapula is pinned down on the bench.

Coaching cues:
1. Keep anterior core engage for proper pelvic position
2. Press up and not across the body
3. On the way down, make sure there’s room between elbow and body
4. Elbow shouldn’t pass the midline of the body

This is great for any overhead athletes or anyone with a history of shoulder injury.

This unorthodox tool is an easy setup and inexpensive. It offers challenging variations for basic training movements (squat, hip-hinge, pull, push, etc.), start with the exercises above and move on to other variations with your end goal in mind. Hope you enjoy the article, don’t forget to comment below and share with your friends!