Unleash Your Inner Animal by Adding These 3 Exercises in Your Warm-up!

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Warm-ups should be simple, effective, and efficient. It should include movements that give TONS of benefits. There’s nothing better than adding quadruped movements (fancy word for being on your hands & knees) to your warm-up to unleash your inner animal.

Here are the 3 quadruped movement:


Proper execution of the Bird Dog can improve hip alignment, shoulder mobility and stability, rotary stability, and more! The opposite movement of the arm and leg improves the ability to combine a rigid torso while coordinating lower and upper body movements which is critical to sport performance.

Coaching Cues:

  • Keep a neutral spine
  • Knees under hips, and hands under shoulders
  • When moving opposite arm and leg, keep anterior core braced to prevent low back compensation


Activating the glutes can help prepare the body for explosive multi-directional movements that are common in most sports. This movement also targets your gluteus medius which can help improve hip stability critical for injury prevention.

Coaching Cues:

  • Keep a neutral spine
  • Knees under hips, and hands under shoulders
  • Lift leg directly to side and hold for two counts; keep knee at 90 degrees
  • Second variation is to rotate the leg clockwise and counter-clockwise while keeping the knee at 90 degrees


This movement looks easy but it’s very challenging. It loads you on your hands and feet. When performed correctly they can build core strength, hip stability, shoulder mobility, and coordination. There’s a lot happening and it’s good for you.

Coaching Cues:

  • Squeeze glutes to limit hip from swaying
  • Press your body away from the floor
  • Exhale to keep core tight
  • Make a double chin to keep spine aligned

Try adding these animal flow type movement to your warm-up and unlock your inner ANIMAL! #BeastMode