Dumbbell Exercise – How to: Single Leg RDL to Vertical Press

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The single leg deadlift to vertical press movement is SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE. It develops single leg strength needed to be explosive off both legs when jumping, cutting, and sprinting.

For injury prevention, it improves imbalances on one side of the body while improving lower body stability and balance.

This movement might look easy, but its very deceiving especially when you load it with a dumbbell.

How to Perform:

  • Balance on one leg and hold the dumbbell in the opposite hand
  • Then sit your hips back and allow the knee to bend slightly while the opposite leg should be behind straight and inline with your body throughout the reps
  • Stop dumbbell at mid shin and come up driving through the heels and pushing the hips forward
  • Drive the knee up to 90 degrees and press the dumbbell vertical while keeping torso straight

Hopefully you found this article helpful!

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