Explosive Landmine Exercises That You Must Try!

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The landmine setup is one of the most versatile training tools you can use with any athletes. Not every athlete is built to do conventional deadlift off the floor or have the mobility to perform Olympic lifts. Just by placing a barbell at the corner of a wall or a landmine attachment, you open up a WHOLE bunch of exercises variations that you can program to increase strength, improve stability, and load athletes safely and pain-free!

These landmine exercises might be more effective than their traditional counterpart because of they are easy to learn and execute. Here are the explosive landmine exercises:


This is a great alternative to a regular power snatch because you’re not locked into bringing both arms overhead. It’s similar to a Dumbbell Snatch but it places your shoulder in a safer position and it’s always a plus working the frontal plane (which is often neglected).



This movement requires more stability overall because you are catching the bar in a split-stance position. It’s definitely a progression from the video above.



This rotational movement is great for building rotational power and a fun movement to perform. Athletes must be able to produce force in all planes of motion.



Again, this is a progression of the exercise above. Catching a barbell in a split-stance while rotating requires a new level of athleticism!

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