Top 3 Linear Speed Warm-ups That Will Make You Faster

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We all know that speed plays a key role in sport performance. Speed is also a learned skill. Before sprinting maximally, it’s important to structure your speed warm-up so that it strategically “ramps” you up towards your training sessions. With the proper progression, it’s easy to learn and improve your sprint mechanics to run faster.

Here are 3 linear speed drills that I apply to athletes when I  want to teach efficient running patterns, and movement coordination:

Wall Lean Progressions

Coaching Cue:

  • Keep posture neutral
  • Contract anterior core
  • Make sure back leg is fully extended

A-Skip Patterns

Coaching Cue:

  • Pivot from the shoulders when driving arms back
  • Look straight ahead
  • Drive knees up, toes up, and heel should be closer to the hamstrings

B-Skip Patterns

Coaching Cue:

  • Keep posture neutral
  • Extend the leg forward, allowing you to dynamically stretch the hamstring
  • As your foot strikes, you want to pull through backwards

Try adding these after your general warm-up. Typically, you can do it for a couple of set for 20 metres.

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