Improve Your Sports Performance With These 3 Snatch Variations

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The snatch is a very good exercise to improve an athletes power production, force absorption, and full body stability. However, not every athlete has the pre-requisite to start doing regular snatches and sometimes they don’t need to. Which is why there are many variations of the snatch movement to elicit the same results.

Here are the three snatch variation:


The muscle snatch works on both power and strength. You must triple extend from the ankles, knees, and hips – once the bar reaches its peak height, you are required to use your upper-body to press the bar overhead. It’s great way to strengthen your shoulders.


The drop snatch is great because you have to explosively catch the bar in an overhead squat position meaning you have to quickly absorb force and stand back up. To do this you must create enough tension throughout the body to keep the bar from crashing on you. As long as your spinal and overhead integrity is good, this movement will help improve your athletic performance.


The hang split snatch is very challenging but fun to learn because you have to be coordinated enough to bring the bar overhead while at the same time catching it in a split stance position. This requires a special kind of athleticism which is always great for general preparation.

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