4 Ways to Improve Change of Direction SPEED!

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Here are 4 Ways to Improve Change of Direction Speed:

1. Lateral shuffle Progression

Feel the angles when shifting your body side-to-side. You should be in a solid athletic stance with your outside foot pointed straight to create a better push. Follow the progressions to become efficient at changing directions laterally.

2. Medicine Ball Fake Throw

Work from the ground up! Once you established good lower body mechanics, now you must learn how to create torso stiffness to help decelerate better. The less shoulder sway the faster you can re-accelerate.

3. Lateral Shuffle To Sprint

You put it all together. Shuffle turn the hips and go!

4. Landmine Rotational Press

This movement compliments the 3 above to help with rotational power plus upper body strength and stability is bonus.

Super simple drills, nothing fancy but very effective.