How to Dominate Your Sport With In-Season Training

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How to Dominate your Sport With In-Season Training

There’s no question that In-Season training can help you dominate your sport! You’ll hear some coaches talk about “maintenance training” it’s DEFINITELY possible to continue to get stronger during the season. Otherwise, you risk getting hurt, staying stagnant throughout the season, and not being able to perform your best when it matters – PLAYOFFS or IMPORTANT COMPETITIONS.

Here are 4 guidelines that you can follow to DOMINATE during the season:


Like I said above, no need to “maintain” strength instead change your mindset to focus on GAINING strength. For example, when doing your squats, deadlifts, pulls, and presses; try staying around the 80-95% range while keeping sets at 2-4 sets of 2-5 repetitions. This lower volume will limit soreness since you’re probably already getting a TON of repetitions in your sport. The intensity of load is still high enough to give you a challenge but the lower volume wouldn’t have you feeling “burnt out.” MORE STRENGTH = LESS INJURIES = MORE PLAYING TIME.


Do some short sprints, jumps, plyometrics, power cleans & snatches, medball throws, etc. Same applies here – work around 80-85% at 2-6 reps. Also, when doing extra accessory work, strengthen areas that are common injury site to your sport.


Muscle fatigue and soreness comes from the eccentric part of a movement (think of lowering part of the squat). Partial movements like Rack Pull, Sled Push, Box/Pinned Squats are good ways to minimize eccentric loading.


Keep it simple, do what works, and what needs to be done. No need to add extra stuff because you want to feel like you worked hard. There’s not enough time during the season for that. Prioritize what’s going to give you “bang for your buck” in a limited amount of time. Your training doesn’t have to be “sexy” or complicated or Instagram¬†worthy because simple gets results. You can get a lot done in 30-45mins. No need to waste time in the gym because you probably have practices, film sessions, and other things that your sport requires.

Follow these principles and you’ll be playing at a high-level throughout the season and when it matters most – PLAYOFF time! Train Smart

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