3 For a Successful Offseason For High-School Athletes

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3 Tips For A Successful OFFSEASON For High-School Athletes⁣

Every athlete knows the importance of off-season training, but most need guidance on how to maximize their offseason preparation. Realizing that offseason only last about ~2-4months – even shorter if you factor in vacation, extra sports activities, jobs, etc – it’s CRUCIAL that you have a solid GAME PLAN. ⁣

Here are 3 training tips to help you have a SUCCESSFUL offseason:⁣


If you want to build strength, power & speed in the offseason, then you need a specific plan to improve those qualities. There’s nothing wrong playing year round, just know that you aren’t going to get stronger and faster from going to summer tournaments. On top of that, you’re probably not going to get enough quality repetitions in those games. Also, your chances of injury goes up due to overuse movements. You’re better off using that time to DEVELOP your athleticism/skills.⁣

Look at COLLEGE/PRO athletes in the offseason. They don’t play all-year; instead they’re in the weight-room and track getting stronger, faster, and durable. If they’re on the court, field, ice, etc. it’s because they’re working on mastering SPECIFIC skills and getting TONS OF REPETITION.⁣


Speed training should be your main priority as a team sport athlete. The rest should supplement to help enhanced power & speed. Your offseason is short so don’t spend too much time with prehab & weightroom work and wait near the end of offseason to do your speed work. ⁣
Sprint often and mix in some agility work. ⁣


Training only when you feel great or program hopping (similar to doing random workouts) will not give you the desired results you need in the offseason. A well-designed training plan followed CONSISTENTLY will maximize results. ⁣

Consistency also applies to effort and intent in which you approach your training. You can show up everyday but if you aren’t giving 100% effort then you won’t improve that much in the offseason. ⁣

Train smart, train hard, and train consistently!⁣

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