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Developing Elite Speed in Athletes

Here are 5 KEY concepts for speed development:

YOU NEED TO TRAIN FAST – To effectively develop speed, the training program must consist of high speed movements. Runs must be fast. In the weight room; barbell, jumping , resistance bands, and medicine ball exercises must be done EXPLOSIVELY.

SPEED IS NOT CONDITIONING – You can’t sprint fast when you’re tired. Speed qualities can be ruined by repetition of slow movements (running 5k will make you slow). As a guideline, prioritize speed and power development first, and supplement conditioning work in another session.

ALLOW FOR FULL RECOVERY – When training for speed effectively, sprints must be done at max intensity, jumps and medball work must be explosive, and power exercises needs to be performed fast. This also means REST period need to be long in order to perform maximally on every set and reps.

KEEP RUNS SHORT – Speed cannot be developed in a fatigue state. When it comes to speed development , it’s WAY better to run shorter distances. Good training programs typically use 10-30+ meters to train acceleration, and 40-60 meters to train absolute speed.

LOW VOLUME & HIGH POWER – Less is more. Quality of training is key. It’s better to do fewer reps at high intensity versus the opposite. It can also decrease the risk of injuries.

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