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This strength training motto is one of my favorite things to say. The squats are the king of all exercises (in my opinion) because it is a multi-compound movement targeting several muscle groups at the same time (glutes, quads, hamstrings, while activating the core, shoulders, and back). Whether the goal is to improve athletic performance,
Monday, 28 July 2014 / Published in All, Olympic Weightlifting
Is there an exercise better than a deadlift? Yes, there is! For a greater range of motion, perform a snatch deadlift instead. A snatch deadlift is when you hold the bar with a wider grip (also known as the snatch grip) when deadlifting. As a casual weightlifter, I love to use movements that can carry
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Internships – especially the unpaid ones – can sound like a drag or a waste of time, but in my experience they are extremely valuable. It’s an opportunity to gain a ton of knowledge and exposure in the field, and it gives you an advantage when diving into your career. Part of my studies required
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What’s up and welcome to the KP Strength Blog! I’m Kyle Paraggua – head strength coach, certified personal trainer, casual weightlifter, student, dad, husband, and the main dude around here. On this blog, you’ll see a lot of research-based strength and conditioning, weightlifting, fitness, and lifestyle posts. I’m planning on throwing in some of my