🔥3 Ways to Improve Your DOUBLE-LEG Vertical Jump Ability⁣🔥⁣⁣⁣TAG AN ATHLETE THAT HAS NO BOUNCE⁣⁣1️⃣ DOUBLE-LEG JUMPS⁣⁣If you want to jump higher off two feet, you need to practice it a lot. You also need to practice jumping double-leg in different ways. Different jumps leads to enhanced motor learning, it makes it fun, and over

Workout Wednesday #1

#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY Here’s a sample workout to improve your vertical jump. Tag an athlete ✅ ⁣⁣1A) Box Jump Over x15-20⁣2A) Clean @75% 5×3⁣2B) Depth Jump 5×3⁣3A) DB Pistol Squat 3x6ea⁣ I’ve been sharing some athletic workouts in my Instagram story every Wednesday, if you want to follow along you can hit that follow button (via the link
Here are 5 KEY concepts for speed development: YOU NEED TO TRAIN FAST – To effectively develop speed, the training program must consist of high speed movements. Runs must be fast. In the weight room; barbell, jumping , resistance bands, and medicine ball exercises must be done EXPLOSIVELY. SPEED IS NOT CONDITIONING – You can’t
3 Tips For A Successful OFFSEASON For High-School Athletes⁣ Every athlete knows the importance of off-season training, but most need guidance on how to maximize their offseason preparation. Realizing that offseason only last about ~2-4months – even shorter if you factor in vacation, extra sports activities, jobs, etc – it’s CRUCIAL that you have a
How to Dominate your Sport With In-Season Training There’s no question that In-Season training can help you dominate your sport! You’ll hear some coaches talk about “maintenance training” it’s DEFINITELY possible to continue to get stronger during the season. Otherwise, you risk getting hurt, staying stagnant throughout the season, and not being able to perform
TOP NUTRITION & RECOVERY TIPS FOR ATHLETES ⁣ ⁣ With so many athletes going back to their school or teams to start their season, here’s a friendly reminder to help you stay game day ready. ⁣ ⁣ STAYING HYDRATED IS KEY! You should be drinking water from the moment you wake up until you go

Common Plyometric Mistakes *Updated*

COMMON PLYOMETRIC MISTAKES Seeing videos of people do advance plyometric movements and then implementing it into your training regimen right away without any thought can be counter-productive. Before trying out really advance plyometric exercises, you must understand the basic concept of true plyometrics. WHAT IS PLYOMETRIC? Simply, plyometrics is a method that focuses on the stretch

How to Warm-up For Sprinting

HOW TO WARM-UP FOR SPRINTING There are TONS of ways to warm-up for sprinting. You can incorporate more activation/mobility exercises, add some hurdle mobility (great to do!) and other complex drills. But for the sake of keeping it simple and effective, here are 5 movements that you can do before you start sprinting (so you
HOW TO IMPROVE CORE STRENGTH & STABILITY The main role of the core is to PROTECT the spine and transfer and transfer force efficiently from your lower to the upper body. In order to generate a maximum amount of power with the lower and the upper body, your torso needs to be stable. If you want