Here are 4 Ways to Improve Change of Direction Speed: 1. Lateral shuffle Progression Feel the angles when shifting your body side-to-side. You should be in a solid athletic stance with your outside foot pointed straight to create a better push. Follow the progressions to become efficient at changing directions laterally. 2. Medicine Ball Fake
The snatch is a very good exercise to improve an athletes power production, force absorption, and full body stability. However, not every athlete has the pre-requisite to start doing regular snatches and sometimes they don’t need to. Which is why there are many variations of the snatch movement to elicit the same results. Here are
The landmine setup is one of the most versatile training tools you can use with any athletes. Not every athlete is built to do conventional deadlift off the floor or have the mobility to perform Olympic lifts. Just by placing a barbell at the corner of a wall or a landmine attachment, you open up a WHOLE
The single leg deadlift to vertical press movement is SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE. It develops single leg strength needed to be explosive off both legs when jumping, cutting, and sprinting. For injury prevention, it improves imbalances on one side of the body while improving lower body stability and balance. This movement might look easy, but its
This short bound can be useful for developing jump power and acceleration. I love that it involves a double and single leg jump. Also, it’s a fun movement to perform if you’re looking for a different bounding variation to add/switch up from your training. It’s even better if you have a sandbox to jump into
Stability Ball Reverse Hyperextension Here’s a movement that you can add to your training to help strengthen the posterior chain, and build stronger and bigger glutes. For example, a stronger butt = stronger Deadlift = faster sprint😉. When performing this movement, you want to minimize overarching the lower back by bracing the abs and squeezing
The Single Leg Depth Jump is another great movement that can improve eccentric strength, reactiveness, and ability to explode on one leg. How to perform: Step off from a box, bench, or an elevated platform (start from a lower height). Instead of stepping straight down, you want to step off at a 30-45 degree angle to create
We all know that speed plays a key role in sport performance. Speed is also a learned skill. Before sprinting maximally, it’s important to structure your speed warm-up so that it strategically “ramps” you up towards your training sessions. With the proper progression, it’s easy to learn and improve your sprint mechanics to run faster. Here are

How to Do The Big X-Band Walk

Here’s a great total body activation movement. This movement fires your glute medius and also the entire posterior chain. Plus, most people neglect the frontal plane (lateral movement) during their workout. Try adding them into your warm-up or pair them with your squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, etc. Give it a try! Check it out below: