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#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY Here’s a sample workout to improve your vertical jump. Tag an athlete ✅ ⁣⁣1A) Box Jump Over x15-20⁣2A) Clean @75% 5×3⁣2B) Depth Jump 5×3⁣3A) DB Pistol Squat 3x6ea⁣ I’ve been sharing some athletic workouts in my Instagram story every Wednesday, if you want to follow along you can hit that follow button (via the link
How to Dominate your Sport With In-Season Training There’s no question that In-Season training can help you dominate your sport! You’ll hear some coaches talk about “maintenance training” it’s DEFINITELY possible to continue to get stronger during the season. Otherwise, you risk getting hurt, staying stagnant throughout the season, and not being able to perform
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HOW TO IMPROVE CORE STRENGTH & STABILITY The main role of the core is to PROTECT the spine and transfer and transfer force efficiently from your lower to the upper body. In order to generate a maximum amount of power with the lower and the upper body, your torso needs to be stable. If you want
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Here’s a great total body activation movement. This movement fires your glute medius and also the entire posterior chain. Plus, most people neglect the frontal plane (lateral movement) during their workout. Try adding them into your warm-up or pair them with your squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, etc. Give it a try! Check it out below:
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When it comes to improving change of direction speed and quickness, the most under-utilized tool is the low-box. The low-box has many benefits: it can be used as a tool for low level plyometrics, it can improve balance and stability around the foot, and develop proper lateral acceleration and deceleration mechanics. Here’s a great drill
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Anytime we are talking about increasing your vertical jump, the most effective plyometric exercise to do is the Depth Jump. If done correctly, this can add a few inches to your vertical jump in a short amount of time. The Depth Jump is also often poorly performed by athletes. They are sometimes performed with too
  The year of 2016 was definitely a crazy but awesome ride! Last January, our family adjusted to a whole new dynamic with our newborn daughter. What started off as months full of coffee and lacking sleep (imagine lots going on with my wife, two kids, training, and work) became a total game-changer that triggered me to take a better
The landmine is a great alternative to developing strength and power. If you don’t have a landmine slot to slip the barbell through then all you need is to find a corner of a wall, bench, or equipment. The benefits of using a landmine is that you can easily load weights, the thick grip makes it
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Are you ready to take flight? Before starting a new jump training program, it’s important to master some basic movements that are involved in jumping: properly landing, jumping, and jumping repeatedly. You might be thinking that you already do them well, maybe you do, but there are plenty of athletes that don’t know how to do
I hope you had a great weekend! I know I did. If you know me, then you know I love me some American Football. It’s always exciting on the first Sunday of the NFL season. Anyways, I hope you have a Happy Monday! Enjoy. Here are my Top Training & Nutrition Articles of The Week: