3 Medicine Ball Progressions to Improve POWER!

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1. Vertical Medball Variations

The great thing about using medicine balls is that it has a very low learning curve. It’s also another tool to develop power in your program.

Here are the variations:

1. Medball Squat & Throw
2. Medball Spit Squat & Throw
3. Medball Underhand Toss
4. Medball Hop to Underhand Toss
5. MB Depth to Underhand Toss

These movements are designed to be completed with speed, so make sure you choose a weight that is optimal.

2. Horizontal MedBall Progression

Horizontal power is equally important as vertical power. Here’s another tool to teach athletes how to generate force horizontally. Similar to the MB vertical variations, you want to get full extension at all the the major joints. These progression will help any athlete develop explosive acceleration going forward. Plus help any ballers out there improve their chest pass 😉.

Notice that when I go into an athletic stance, I extend my hips before the chest pass to get more power output.

Here are the variations:

1. Kneeling MB Chest Throw
2. Standing MB Chest Throw
3. Step-in Chest Throw
4. Broad jump MB Chest Throw

3. Rotational Medball Progression

The key with these progressions is to learn how to shift weight from the back hip to the front hip. These drills are great for sport where rotational power is necessary.

Note: Shoulders and hips move together. Shift weight back and push hard off the back leg. Finish w/ hips and shoulders pointing to wall. Stiff front leg with hips rotated.

Here are the progressions:

1. Kneeling MB Side Toss
2. Standing MB Side Toss
3. Mini Lateral Step Side Toss
4. Rebound MB Side Toss

Once the athlete becomes proficient with the movements, (2-4 weeks or longer) they can then progress to more advance variations. The most important thing is creating a fast, aggressive, and explosive hip rotation to develop power.