Here’s an awesome video from Julian Treasure talking about how to speak effectively so that people listen! Check it out.
In part one of how to perform the Olympic lifts, I showed you the gist of what a snatch is and how to perform it. The clean and jerk is somewhat similar but it is a two-part movement that requires you to lift the bar to your shoulders, stand up straight, and jerk the bar
In this two-part series, I’m going to go back to basics and try my best to SIMPLIFY both the snatch and the clean and jerk so that you can get a general idea on how to perform the lifts. When learning the Olympic lifts it is important to understand what they are. The snatch is
Yeah, yeah, I know that all of my ‘Friday Favorites’ posts are mostly TED talks. But they are just super good and super educational! Here is another TED talks called “Are Athletes really getting faster, better, and stronger?” by David Epstein. It seems that humans have gotten faster, better, and stronger in all characteristics when
This is an awesome TED TALK by Martin Hagger, who is a professor at Curtis University. He gives an overview of different techniques that elite-level athletes use to psychologically prepare for their sport. Martin provides details of scientific research into the different techniques and their utilization, and application of how these techniques can be used
As a beginner with minimum or some experience in weightlifting this is a template that can help you get started into weightlifting training. As you become proficient in executing the lifts, you may start individualizing parts of this template to further improve certain aspects of your training. Keep in mind that as we go along

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  This past couple of weeks I have been very busy juggling family time, my son’s hockey, work, university, training, and a some Lift and Grit content. If you’re wondering how I balance out each part of my life, the secret is drinking MJ’s Secret Stuff from Space Jam. All jokes aside, when I have

Weightlifting Warm-up Complex

Most of us know that warming up is an important part of training. Especially when you are about to perform two intricate lifts (snatch and clean and jerk). In my warm-up, I usually address three important areas: mobility, pre-movement/activation, and movement preparation (weightlifting specific).
The physical quality of explosiveness can be effectively trained – it may involve a power clean, jerk, and snatch. However, there are various methods aside from Olympic weightlifting variations and I’m here to help you expand your training toolbox. As a strength coach, you want to accommodate for the athletes that may have limitations or simply just