Warm-ups should be simple, effective, and efficient. It should include movements that give TONS of benefits. There’s nothing better than adding quadruped movements (fancy word for being on your hands & knees) to your warm-up to unleash your inner animal. Here are the 3 quadruped movement: 1. BIRD DOG Proper execution of the Bird Dog can improve hip
Sometimes all you have access to are a pair of dumbbells in the weight-room. BUT that is all you need to get the job done! Dumbbells are very versatile! They provide many variations to achieve different training goals. Specifically for improving power, here are 6 movements you can do to improve your vertical jump and
When it comes to improving change of direction speed and quickness, the most under-utilized tool is the low-box. The low-box has many benefits: it can be used as a tool for low level plyometrics, it can improve balance and stability around the foot, and develop proper lateral acceleration and deceleration mechanics. Here’s a great drill
Anytime we are talking about increasing your vertical jump, the most effective plyometric exercise to do is the Depth Jump. If done correctly, this can add a few inches to your vertical jump in a short amount of time. The Depth Jump is also often poorly performed by athletes. They are sometimes performed with too
  The year of 2016 was definitely a crazy but awesome ride! Last January, our family adjusted to a whole new dynamic with our newborn daughter. What started off as months full of coffee and lacking sleep (imagine lots going on with my wife, two kids, training, and work) became a total game-changer that triggered me to take a better
The landmine is a great alternative to developing strength and power. If you don’t have a landmine slot to slip the barbell through then all you need is to find a corner of a wall, bench, or equipment. The benefits of using a landmine is that you can easily load weights, the thick grip makes it
1. Vertical Medball Variations The great thing about using medicine balls is that it has a very low learning curve. It’s also another tool to develop power in your program. Here are the variations: 1. Medball Squat & Throw 2. Medball Spit Squat & Throw 3. Medball Underhand Toss 4. Medball Hop to Underhand Toss
1. JUMP LANDING PROGRESSION There are so many videos out there showcasing how high some athletes can jump. Raising the height of the object WILL NOT make you jump higher. Most of the time, how high your feet goes doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good indicator of how high you jump, it just means your
How many times have you seen an athlete, that doesn’t look very fast, continue to make plays to help the team win? It’s not luck. The ability to change directions quickly is an important skill that an athlete can possess. In many cases, it’s rare for an athlete to sprint long distance in a straight line